South Pas Fitness is a premier fitness club right in the heart of South Pasadena California. Our mission is to deliver an exclusive member experience with top-of-the-line equipment, elite personal trainers, and group fitness instructors, in a clean, welcoming environment.

Group fitness classes are the perfect addition to any fitness program. We offer a wide variety of classes including Zumba, spin, cardio dance, yoga and more. The group environment builds accountability and our group fitness instructors will make sure that your form is safe and effective.

Our world-class personal trainers are here to bring your workouts to the next level. Their experience and knowledge will provide a science-based results-driven program for you to reach any fitness goal quickly and safely


Kafana is the perfect compliment to your training. An espresso shot to get you going or a protein smoothie after to lock in your progress. Or just come and relax or get some work done in or comfortable surprisingly quite cafe.

Our cutting edge infrared saunas have been shown to speed up your recovery, help fight illnesses like the common cold, promote relaxation, soothe sore muscles and even aid in pain pain relief. So whether it’s a tough week, a tough workout, or just time to unwind book a sauna session and let the recovery begin.